The Lord is my strength and my impenetrable shield my heart trust in, relies on, and confidently leans on Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song will I praise Him. - Psalm 28:7

Do you ever find yourself searching within, delving deep into the very core of your being for that untold force we allude to as strength? The strength to stand resolute in the face of trial, to withstand the waves of circumstance, to move when fear seeks to hold us captive, to stay in the place to which we are called though restlessness demands we move on, to be silent when words threaten to erupt, and to challenge where challenge is needed.

Strength is not something we outgrow, nor is it limited to a specific subset of people. Whereas physical strength may be taken from us in an instant, regardless of years of good habits, inner strength remains as long as—and to the extent to which—we choose to exercise it.

Our journey in life is a constant discovery of finding the strength within, and discovering what we are capable of. Strength is too often misunderstood, too often misapplied or misdirected, and too often underutilised.

Intent but not impatient, steadfast but not stubborn, powerful but not oppressive: strength is beautiful, exquisite. Though usually unveiled through testing in the fire and the pressure, the foundation is laid in the quiet—in the moments when we stop and are still before our strong and beautiful Creator. It may seem paradoxical at times, but what if we were to grasp the enormity of what strength truly means? What if we were aware of what rested inside of us?

Join with us at STRONGER – Sistas Women’s Conference 2018 – where together, we’ll discover more about our God, and the strength and peace he has for each one of us.

Love Maree

Your Host

Ps Maree de jong
Maree and her husband Paul are the Senior Pastors of LIFE, a church that has grown to become an influential ministry since it began in 1991. Maree initiated the Sistas Women’s Conference which has inspired and encouraged thousands of women from all over New Zealand and the South Pacific. Maree’s heart is to see women empowered and for them to recognise their full potential and see beyond their own circumstances so they can make a difference in this generation and the next. Maree has practical wisdom and knowledge of the Word and a powerful testimony of the grace and forgiveness of God, in which her complete trust in Him has given her a power and truth that she can confidently speak from.


Ps Paul de jong
Pastors Paul & Maree de Jong are the Senior Pastors and founders of LIFE, a church that has grown to become an influential ministry both nationally and internationally. Since launching in 1991, LIFE has sought to live out its mission statement: "To impact and change our generation with the reality of Jesus." Pastors Paul and Maree have a passion to live and lead by example and see God's church win back the right to influence their city and nation for the cause of Christ and are committed to developing church leadership to reach its full potential across the denominational spectrum. Paul has a dynamic preaching style which is fresh and inspiring. He speaks from a personal revelation of the Word, and will challenge and equip audiences to grow in their relationship with God. From leadership, church life, youth, worship and creative arts, personal development and business – he has the ability to speak into many areas of the wider body of Christ.
Ps Bobbie Houston
Bobbie Houston is the author of The Sisterhood Book and Stay The Path and, together with her husband, Brian, is the founder and global co-senior pastor of Hillsong Church, as well as the founder of Colour Conference and the Colour Sisterhood. The Colour Sisterhood is a worldwide movement of women united to make a difference and make the world a better place. With a contagious zest for life, Bobbie passionately believes in the potential of all people and is devoted to the Cause of Christ. She is a wife, mother, grammy, friend, pastor, creative visionary, communicator, author, role model, and mentor. She and her husband have three grown children.
Ps Leanne Matthesius
Leanne Matthesius along with her husband Jurgen are the senior pastors of C3 Church San Diego, a thriving church in southern California. Leanne is a mother to 3 sons and 1 beautiful daughter and has been in full time ministry for over 14 years. Leanne’s ministry style is wonderfully feminine, and refreshingly humorous. She moves powerfully in the anointing seeing many released and set free from the bondage and limitations keeping them from becoming all that God has designed them to be. Leanne uses personal stories and testimonies to connect with people on a very real level. Her prophetic insight and practical down to earth ministry style will ensure her audience is refreshed, equipped and empowered to take on all that life has to offer.
Kim Walker-Smith
Kim Walker-Smith is a voice of freedom and inspiration for countless people across the globe. She is a founding member of the Jesus Culture team. For over 10 years she has played a major role in influencing worshippers and worship teams into a passionate pursuit of Jesus. Today Kim lives just outside of Sacramento, California with her husband Skyler and their 2 boys, Wyatt and Bear. They are active in their church Jesus Culture Sacramento, where Kim leads worship and speaks. Skyler is the Creative Director for Jesus Culture and they are both senior leaders within the ministry. She is passionate about raising up other worship leaders, encouraging women to pursue their dreams, and she feels honoured to travel the world and lead others in encountering Jesus. Kim’s favourite time is spent at home in the country, cuddling with Skyler and chasing her boys.

Miss sistas

For all the girlfriends aged 13-19, Miss Sistas was created just for you.

Our dream is that you go from Miss Sistas empowered to live out your unique journey. You won’t want to miss out on the exclusive Miss Sistas sessions, competitions, giveaways and ministry time. With the special reduced price for our Miss Sistas delegates this year, there is no reason not to come –and invite your whole girl gang!